Learn Hundreds Of Different Languages With The New SayHi Translate App

SayHi Translate

Instantly speak another language, with the new SayHi Translate app for the iPhone and iPad; Where you can easily learn different dialects in a breeze.

With the SayHi Translate app, users are able to choose from over 100 different languages and dialects, and can literally get their words translated by talking out loud. The microphone basically just translates whatever you speak into it, and puts it into a different language that you would like to learn, so you will know exactly how to say something in a different tongue.

For instance, if you would like to say “Hi, how are you?” in English, but would like to know how to say it in Spanish, it will automatically give you a message back in Spanish, of the words that you spoke. Another interesting aspect about the app, is that you can also look up words in a dictionary if you don’t know what a particular word means, as well as favorite your history of all your past or recent translations, and even edit and tweak your voice recordings.

SayHi Translate is currently free at the App Store, and requires a iOS 7.0 or later and is compatible with both the iPhone and iPad. For more information or reviews about this particular app, you can simply click on the link for more details.

Source info: App Store, BGR

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