Developers Can Now Make In-App Promo Codes

Apple App Store

A new tools has rolled out for developers that allows them to make and share in-app purchases promo codes.

On Apple’s developers webpage, the company announced that developers can give away up to 100 promo codes for each in-app purchase item and up to 1,000 codes for each app every six months.

The iTunes Connect will let┬ádevelopers give away in-app purchases to influencers and press. In addition, the promo codes give developers the ability to grant early access to their app’s in-app purchases. Promo codes will last for 28 days from when they are generated or until the developer’s contract expires.

In order to redeem a promo code on a Mac or PC, users can head over to the iTunes Store, click on “Redeem”, and enter the code after they put in their credentials. For those who are on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, they can tap on “Featured” in the App Store, and scroll down to tap on “Redeem”, after entering in their credential users will be able to input the promo code.