Google Introduces New PhotoScan App For The iPhone



Not too long ago Google just released a new app called PhotoScan, which is an app designed to make it a lot easier to scan any of your old printed photographs that you have, using your iPhone’s camera.

Basically PhotoScan instructs users to take four separate quick images of a printed photo of your choice, and then stitch them together to create a perfect high-resolution digital copy of your old picture. Google’s multi-image capture method also eliminates issues that normally occur when you try to take a picture of a picture; That always result in a weird glare or distortion when you snap the photo with your smartphone.
This app also comes with an automatic edge detection crop that will help the picture to be the correct size, without having it to be either too small or too big when you go to actually share it on social media, or print it out physically.

“PhotoScan gets you great looking digital copies in seconds – it detects edges, straightens the image, rotates it to the correct orientation, and removes glare. Scanned photos can be saved in one tap to Google Photos to be organized, searchable, shared, and safely backed up at high quality–for free.”

If you’re interested in downloading the new PhotoScan app, you can download it for free at the App Store for the iPhone and iPad. For additional information about this particular app, you can simply click on the link for more details.

Source info: MacRumors

  • Paladin

    This went live before the Android version. Android is still in Alpha, but this came to IOS on Nov 15. It works great.