Awesome New Concept for iPhone 5 App Switcher

The iPhone App switcher has been pretty much the same since iOS 4 update, when Apple introduced multitasking. While the jailbreak community has found dozens of uses for the pop-up app menu, Apple has left it alone for the most part. Sentry, a poster at The Verge, has mocked up a new App switcher for the iPhone 5.

Sentry feels that Apple hasn’t done enough to show off the usefulness of an extra 176 vertical pixels other than a new row for apps. He also notes that it is obvious that the UI was not made for the 4” display of the iPhone 5. His concept is to show how one important element of the iOS with a little tweaking can take advantage of the new size screen.

Sentry recognizes others’ work on the concept, but notes that in their effort to offer more features they leave behind the core simplicity that made the App switcher so useful. Originally the app switcher only takes up a sliver of space meaning you can use your thumb alone without moving too far from the home button. The replacement offers increase the size to include more apps up to and including a full screen version.

His version of the app switcher creates elongated card like representations of the app that give previews of what they look like and what they are running. The playback control page, accessible by swiping to the right, shows more information and settings (two swipes to the right) now feature more setting toggles and a brightness slider.

Take a look at the full mockups. Click for full size.

  • Ricardo Balbontin

    will this be out somewhen?