Otterbox Has Three New Accessories For Your iPhone


Otterbox has recently released three new mobile accessories for the iPhone, such as a USB Car Charger, a USB Wall Charger and a USB Charging Cable.

Now the prices on the accessories are actually pretty reasonable considering that they do claim to be made out of really good, long-term materials in their description box, which would be a pretty good deal if they’re going to be with you for a good some years. For instance, the Micro USB cable is made out of a rugged three meter braided nylon material to avoid any type of tangling and knots, as well as with an extended strain relief protection around the cord, with metal housing and connectors for long lasting durability.

The other two accessories like the USB Car Charger and the USB Wall Charger are almost the same, except they do have a few things about them that kinda differ; Such as, the Car charger features anodized aluminum and plastic materials, and is shock resistant with a dual USB port that can charge two devices at the exact same time. While the Wall Charger is made out of plastic and aluminum, and is also shock resistant but can only charge one device at a time.

If you’re interested in buying Otterbox’s three new accessories for the iPhone, then you can head on over to their official website, where the Micro USB Cable is $22.46, while the USB Car Charger and the USB Wall Charger are both $18.71 with free shipping and handling.

Source info: Otterbox