Beats New Solo3 Wireless Headphones


With Beats new solo3, users are able to get up to 40 hours worth of battery life, a 5 minute charge-up, and up to 3 hours worth of playback time of all their favorite music and audio.

Beats on-ear cushioned ear cups are not only adjustable and able to bend however you would like them to bend, but they’re also customized to fit you all day, everyday; for long-lasting comfort and support.

Users are also able to take calls and control their music through on-ear controls that it has, plug their headphones up to a universal charging cable, as well as get first class 1 Bluetooth with any of your compatible devices wirelessly. Another cool aspect about the headphones, is that users can get up to almost two days worth of battery life with a charge-up that’s as little as 5 minutes or less, that can give you a whopping 3 hours worth of playback time of all your favorite songs and music.

If you’re interested in purchasing Beats new Solo3 Headphones, you can head on over to Apple’s official website where it’s currently going for $299.95 in 8 different color choices; such as black, purple, red, rose gold, white and more.

Source info: Apple, Amazon