Developers Criticize Apple For App Store Refund Policy

Apple App Store

There’s news flying around that game developers say that there is abuse with Apple’s refund policy on apps, and the developers are taking things into their hands.

According to The Korea Times, four developers in Korea say that people are repeatedly purchasing games and in-app content, and then asking Apple for a refund. However, developers say that users are continuing to use the content after their refund has been granted.

“Some users have abused the loophole in Apple’s refund policy to purchase charged content multiple times, request refunds and continue to consume the content without actually paying for it. In particular, some of the abusers have organized profitable businesses to operate the refund process on others’ behalf.”

If you’re wondering why the developers don’t block users access to the content, it’s because Apple doesn’t reveal the identity of users who have been refunded making it hard for developers to block access of the content.

MacRumor reports that “Apple controls the Apple Store payment refund process for paid-for apps and determines whether to give refunds to consumers.” The report goes on to say that “Apple says it does not provide information about users who have requested a refund in order to protect consumer rights.”

Three of the developers say that they are going to manually track users to see if they are still using the content and block those who continue to use the games and content after receiving refunds from Apple.

In a comparison Google’s Play Store gives users refunds for charged content only once if they request it within two hours after the purchase. If Apple will make changes to its refund policy remains to be seen. The company has yet to comment about this issue.

Source info: MacRumor, The Korea Times