Apple’s Airpods Might Have Been Delayed Due To Manufacturing Issues

Apple AirPods

The question on everyone’s mind about Apple’s wireless headphone is “when will it be available?” Unfortunately, there is no answer to that question, but there is information about why the device has been delayed.

Over the weekend a report by the Wall Street Journal was released explaining that the reason for the AirPods delay is caused by technology problems with how the headphones receive wireless signals via Bluetooth.

In a response to the WSJ report, Apple blogger John Gruber said that he doesn’t believe the problem with the wireless technology is the reason for the delay, but rather a manufacturing error.

“It makes more sense to me that Apple has run into a manufacturing problem, not that they discovered a design defect after they were announced.”

Apple first introduced the Airpods alongside the iPhone 7 during its event in September. The original date for the device was said to be sometime in late October, but delayed by Apple because the device needed “a little more time” before being shipped out to the public.

While the question still remains to be unanswered, we’ll continue to keep you posted on any new updates regarding Apple’s wireless headphones.