Play Games On The New Gamevice Controller On Your iPad Pro


If you love to play video-games on your iPad Pro, then the new Gamevice Controller will be perfect for you since you can literally connect it on the sides of your iPad Pro 12.9, and it will respond and perform just like if you were using a touchscreen device.

The Gamevice features dual analog sticks, sturdy twin triggers, a classic D-Pad and a button layout that’s normally on your typically gaming controller; to help condense down on any type of confusing buttons, controls or triggers that you may not be familiar with when you’re playing a game. It also features hundreds of compatible game apps in the App Store that you can sometimes download for free, to give you a wide variety of different games to pick from; such as fighting, racing, shooters and more.

Here are some of the key features the Gamevice comes with:

  • Transforms your iPad Pro 12.9 into a handheld gaming device
  • Comes with a button layout that’s very similar to any other gaming controller
  • Over 650 compatible games in the App store
  • Free Gamevice Live apps for all of the controller-compatible games, with options to filter by free or paid titles

If you’re interested in downloading the new Gamevice Controller for the iPad Pro 12.9, then you can head on over to the, where it’s currently going for around $99.95 with free shipping and handling.

source info: Amazon