AirPods Shipped To Pre-Ordered Customers & Hit The Shelves Of Retailers


The much delayed AirPods are finally shipping out for some customers. The first wave of customers who have placed their orders on Apple’s website for the wireless earpods have begun receiving them.

So far, customers in both Australia and New Zealand who have received the AirPods seem to be pleased with the device. According to MacRumor‘s readers who have received their order claim the sound quality and setup are impressive.

“Impressed with the ease to sync and setup the AirPods with my iPhone. Nice. The sound is a lot better than I had anticipated. It can go very loud. Overall, after testing for only 15 minutes or so, sound is better than the EarPods I received with my iPhone 7 Plus, which I mostly pretty impressed with. And they fit extremely well into my ear – really don’t feel like they will fall out. Very snug!”

Apple Stores in Australia first started selling the AirPods, while other countries such as the United States and United Kingdom have started selling the device both at local Apple Stores and third-party retailers today.

Consumers in other countries aside from Australia and New Zealand who have pre-ordered the device have started to receive their orders Monday. Anyone who places an order online for the AirPods will have to wait up to six weeks before the device ships out. If you plan on purchasing the device in store, it’s best to call ahead to check if the AirPods are available.

Source info: MacRumor