Check Out iFixit’s AirPods Teardown


The teardown for Apple’s $159 wireless earbuds have been revealed. While the results may be disappointing for those who like to fix things on their own, the earbuds are still an impressive product.

According to iFixit’s teardown, the AirPods are packed with tiny components such as circuit boards, batteries and chips, unlike Apple’s EarPods which practically empty on the inside.

The main circuit board which features the W1 chip and other components is located in the rounded part of the pod, these components consist of a SoC from Cypress, a Texas Instrument power management chip, proximity sensors and a stereo audio codec. The W1 chip used inside improves the battery life so users can listen up to 5 hour on a fully charged battery, and improves the sound and connection of the device.


Each pod has its own model number and 93 milliwatt battery. Connected to the 93 miliwatt battery is an antenna which extends to the stem of the AirPods for better reception.

As for the charging/storage case that is included with the AirPods, the case has a battery capacity of 1.52 Wh, and has enough power to charge the AirPods over eight times.

One thing that a few people may not like about the AirPods is not being able to repair them. The iFixit team says that due to the small device having so much inside it, the AirPods are not recyclable or repairable.

If something were to happen to your AirPods, Apple says it will cost $69 USD to replace a lost AirPod or other out-of warranty repairs, and $49 to replace the batteries, or have repairs done on the charging case.

Source/photo credit: iFixit, 9to5Mac