Discover New Places With The New Cappsule App For Your iPhone


The new Cappsule app is a mix between Snapchat and yelp since it lets you build and share your pictures and video stories, with the places that you have visited in the past and what your experiences was like there.

Basically users just leave their locations on a map if there at a restaurant, cafe, bowling alley or just about any place that you can leave a review at; and share with other people in the Cappsule Community about what you ordered, how the service was and even provide one of your own videos or pictures with a review.
This app is great for anybody who likes trying local and different places that they have never tried before, and would like to view and read about multiple reviews and experiences of what other people thought and did at that particular place, before they go and try it out themselves.

Here are some of the key features the app comes with:

  • Find local places with personalized reviews and recommendations
  • Share experiences in the Cappsule community and earn social rewards
  • Tell your story with photos and videos of all the different places you visited
  • Keep up with friends and local everyday events

If you’re interested in downloading the Cappsule app, you can head on over to the App Store, where it’s currently going for free for any of your iPhones or iPads with a iOS 9.0 or later.

Source info: App Store