Apple’s AirPods Dominate Wireless Headphone Market

Apple AirPods

Apple’s wireless Airpods have made a successful mark in the wireless headphone market since it first launched in December. According to a new research, the wireless headphones have captured one-fourth of the market.

The research done by Slice Intelligence shows that in the Untied States, wireless headphones made up 75 percent of online revenues in the headphone market during the month of December, which is 50 percent more than the same month last year.

What caused the spike in sales? According to the research, when the Airpods went on sale December 13, it marked the largest day of online headphone sales of 2016, beating out sales on Cyber Monday, and Black Friday.


Before the launch of the Airpods, Beats had 24.1 percent of online revenues followed by Bose with 10.5 percent, Plantronics with 7.8 percent and Jaybird with 7.45 percent.

Once the Airpods were released, it occupied 26 percent of the market, while Beats dropped to 15.4 percent, and jaybird and Plantronics dropped below 3 percent. However, Bose rose to 16.1 percent despite other brands declining.

With the Airpods and Beats taking first and second place, Apple has almost 40 percent of the wireless headphone market. The Airpods alone have an impressive mark on the market, Apple went from having zero percent to 26 percent of the market over the short period the Airpods launched.

Source/Photo credit: Slice Intelligence