Major iPhone 5 Problems Found

New technology always has problems upon release. It’s a simple fact that millions of customers do more testing on a device than a company could ever hope to do in QA. The iPhone has a new reported issue.

After Mapgate, purple haze in the camera, iPhones coming with scratches out of the box and light leakage you’d think we’d know everything. Apparently not as a more serious problem has come to light as it were. According to a report on The Register some iPhone 5s are releasing a green glow described as a plasma bleed from the edges of the screen.

User Hazza42 described it on the Apple discussion forums this way:

Whenever I wake my iPhone there is a split second where a green glow around the edge of the screen is visible. It’s a bit like light leakage but its green and only appears for a fraction of a second after you turn on the screen. It is also sometimes activated by using the slide to unlock, which makes it glow brighter.

This issue has been cataloged elsewhere, but cannot be captured on screenshot suggesting that it’s a hardware issue, not a software one. Several other users said they’d had their green iPhone 5s replaced in store, but not all as they couldn’t reproduce the issue in the store.

The iPhone 5 is using a new complex LCD technology incorporating more color pixels in a layer of capacitive sensor cells. It is relatively new tech so it is possible some things couldn’t be picked up in the relatively limited QA testing. Relative, of course, to several million iPhone customers around the world using their phones everyday. There is legitimate concern about any long term issues this green glow could signify.

  • Greg

    Really? What a non issue.

    • Darkkjedii

      I’m starting to think I have the only perfectly working ip5 lol. Not a single issue

      • Alan L. Ricketts

        My wife’s iphone 5 has no problems.

  • Me

    Every time I a dumb complaint like this all i can think about is that iphone 5 snl sketch

  • Niel

    This is true! It’s happening on mine everyday!!! I thought I was something to do with my backup being from a jailbroken iPhone4 running F.lux tweak!! Who else is having this issue? If you have it you can’t miss it unless your colour blind!! It stays there for a good second then goes black. My background is black so I guess I notice it more then if I have a coloured background! Now I guess I can take it back to them!

  • GooneyGooGoo

    You Apple fans should be disgusted with the way that company treats you. The iPhone 5 sucks and you don’t have to take it.


    • Alan L. Ricketts

      My wife has had a iphone 3GS, 4S and now the iphone 5. She has been completely happy with her all of her iphones and loves her iphone 5.

  • Alan L. Ricketts

    So far my iphone 5 has none of the reported problems

  • djmobil2

    So, Do you think that a green glow in the edge of the screen that is visible for a fraction of a second is a major issue? Are you serious? I think that has been taken out of proportion.
    A Major problem is an issue that may affect the device ability to function properly or as expected by the user.

  • Hollydiver

    My I phone. 5shows green screen not only halo but the complete Lower half of. The screen turns green suddenly. Yesterday I don’t know what happened.