New Motorola Wireless Headphones For Your Apple Devices


The new Motorola S11-Flex are a great pair of HD Wireless headphones, that are perfect for when you’re working out and listening to music, since they’re water and sweat resistant, comfortable and can last up to three hours worth of activity with very little charging.

These headphones were designed to fit and form to your head, which is why they feature a 5-point adjustable setting for a custom feel and fit, as well as different sized earbuds to provide the ultimate comfort for your ear canal. It also comes with a very easy, one-touch volume adjustment and advanced acoustic design with aptX codec technology, which will help provide a better sound quality than your typical wired headphones.

It was also designed with a hydrophobic mesh and silicon seal, that helps keep out moisture from seeping through the headphones, and keeps the music playing and the earbuds staying fresh all day long. This is perfect for anybody that’s really into sports or is really athletic, since you won’t have to worry about your headphones getting an odor or feeling squishy after a while, due to them blocking out any type of water substance.
Users also don’t have to worry about its charging being too slow or taking too long; since it only takes it just 15 minutes for a full charge up, that can last up to three hours worth of listening to music and taking calls.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Motorola S11-Flex HD Wireless headphones, then you can head on over to where it’s currently going for $94.95 with $4.57 shipping, for any of your media players and Apple devices.

Source info: Amazon