Belkin’s New Mixit Power Rockstar Charger For Your iPhone & iPad

Belkin’s new Mixit Power Rockstar is a portable battery charger that comes with a 10,000mAh battery capacity, an anodized aluminum finish, and two USB ports at the top of it; that makes it ideal for charging two devices at the exact same time.

The Power Rockstar also comes with a magnetized cable storage compartment to help securely store two of its USB cables that it comes with, so they don’t get tangled or knotted up whenever they’re not in use.
It also comes with a LED indicator that lets you know exactly how much battery life you have left on your device; so you will never get caught with a half gone or dead battery when you’re out and about with your iPhone or iPad. Another handy feature that it comes with, is that you can also charge it up to 4 times in one go, since it comes with a battery capacity worth of 10,000mAh, to guarantee your device gets a full maximum charge up.

If you’re interested in purchasing Belkin’s new Mixit Power Rockstar portable battery charger for any of your Apple devices, then you can head on over to their official website where it’s currently going for $99.99, in a color choice of grey, silver or gold. For anymore information about this particular product, you can simply click on the link for more details.

Source info: TechGuide