United Airlines Partnership With Apple & IBM

United Airlines has joined partnership with Apple and IBM to develop enterprise iOS apps for United Airlines employees to use with the iPhone and iPad. 

IBM states that the enterprise iOS apps will be analytics driven and will be able to run on Apple’s iPhones and iPads, which will be used by the United Airlines “front-line employees.” One of IBM’s apps “Mobile at Scale for iOS” was designed for rapid development and deployment of multiple iOS apps. The Mobile at Scale app will help United Airlines and IBM work together to quickly roll out, and support specific iOS apps for the company.

United Airlines will not only have access to Mobile at Scale, but also have access to IBM Studios and IBM iX  as well, these units are designed and tailored to meet the needs of the employees at United. This new development that IBM has designed, will allow all three apps – Mobile at Scale, IBM Studios, and IBM iX to work seamlessly together with United Airlines core enterprise processes, which will equip United employees with the expertise solutions and data to change how they work and serve the customers.

Apple and IBM first partnered back in July 2014, creating MobileFirst for iOS, this app allowed Apple to have access to IBM resources to support the use of the iPhone and iPad within the workplace.

Source: 9to5mac, pymnts.com

  • David Davies

    Its a shame lots of people are Boycotting them if i was Apple & IBM i would look to anther company. Shamful way to treat customers
    on a plane If they can do it to 2 people that have been reported on already they can do it to you and your family, On any flight . Time they leared a lesson i think . Don,t Fly UNITED AIR LINES.