iPhone 7 Plus Possible Sony Camera Upgrade

The latest talk has it that Apple may upgrade the iPhone 7 Plus camera with Sony supplying a dual-CCM imaging with a 12-megapixel camera image sensor.

It sounds like Apple is in motion of upgrading the iPhone 7 Plus camera, talk has it Apple may provide two 5.5-inch variants, one with a single imager, the other one with a dual-camera design for more flexibility.

Word has it that Apple has chosen two suppliers to upgrade the iPhone 7 Plus camera, one is long time supplier, Sony who will provide both the iPhone 7 Plus with the dual-CCM 12 mega-pixel compact image sensors (CIS), and only one will have 2-3x telephoto lens for optical zoom. Source states that both iPhones will produce very high-resolution photos. The other supplier is LinX, an Israeli company, whom Apple bought back in 2015, which specializes in multi-aperture imaging technology.

Rumor also has it that one of the iPhones could be capable of switching between sensors depending on shooting conditions, putting together image data from both modules for ultra high-resolution pictures or splitting the difference with a hybrid solution. Starting price for the iPhone 7 Plus is around $769 in the US.

Source: Appleinsider