Apple’s Strict Rules For The Apple Campus 2 Design

Former CEO Steve Job was known for being a perfectionist, and making sure his workers executed his plans. Even though the late Steve Job is no longer over Apple, the company is still carrying on this trait while building the Apple Campus 2.

According to Reuters, its sources have informed them that the construction of Apple’s second headquarter dubbed “the spaceship” has been long-delayed due to the approval process with the city, and the company’s specifications, which includes a 30 page guideline for the special wood being used.

The project has been estimated to have cost Apple $5 billion, with over $1 billion used for the interior of the main building, which will feature the world’s largest curved glass. To ensure that things are up to Apple’s standards, the company demands that no vents or pipes can be reflected in the glass used in the main building.

The report also highlights that debates over what the doorknob should look like had lasted for more than a year and a half. Reuters points out that most projects allow for a measurement deviation of 1/8th of an inch, but Apple demanded for tighter specs, even in areas that no one would see.

“The project, which generated about 13,000 full-time construction jobs, took a toll on contractors. The original general contractors, Skanska USA and DPR Construction, left after work began, which construction experts called a rare development for a project of such scale. The reasons for the departures are unclear, and neither Apple nor the firms would comment.”

Apple’s design for its headquarter conflicted with the Santa Clara County Fire Department many times. While Apple wanted a sleek and “minimalist aesthetic”, the fire department wanted to ensure the building could be evacuate in a timely manner in case of an emergency. The retired deputy fire chief, Dick Mattern, who represented the Santa Clara County Fire Department said that he attended 15 meetings related on the topic, and he had “never spent so much time on signage.”

Apple Campus 2 is expected to be fully operating this upcoming spring, and will be home to more than 14,000 employees. With the project almost complete, we’ll see if Apple focuses its rigorous attention on its future devices to advance the tech industry.