New Loop Weather App For Your iPhone & iPad

The new Loop Weather is an app for your iPhone or iPad, that’s focused on bringing accurate weather to you, in a new and innovative way, with an easy to use layout.

Now instead of constantly giving you new updates every single time you wake up, the Loop Weather app actually gives you new and interesting notifications that’s actually something worth seeing and knowing about, that could possible effect your local area.

For example, this app will provide you with future forecast of any type of rain, snow, or sun that could possibly come your way, but will only send you notifications when there’s actual significant weather changes such as storms or drastic temperature changes. Not only that, the app also gives you what the temperature actually feels like in that current day, and also provides you with the current humidity, pressure and visibility that’s in your area.

If you would like to download or learn more about the new Loop Weather app, then you can head on over to the App Store, where it’s currently going for $1.99 for any of your iPhones or iPads with a iOS 10.0 or later.

Source info: App Store, PhoneArena

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