Canalys: Apple Watch Sales Hit 6 Million In Q4

Another research firm has estimated that Apple sold nearly 6 million Apple Watch units worldwide during its record breaking fourth quarter.

While Apple says “the holiday demand was so strong” it couldn’t make enough smartwatches, the Cupertino based company hasn’t officially released the number of Apple Watch units sold during the holiday quarter. According to the research firm Canalys, the smartwatch sells were up 12 percent year-over-year, and the Apple Watch sales exceeded $2.6 billion, which accounted for 80 percent of the smartwatch market revenue.

Canalys says that for the year 2016, the Apple Watch sold 11.9 million units giving it 49 percent of the market shares that year.

“Apart from the hardware and software improvements of the new models, Apple succeeded mainly due to its streamlined marking and re-aligned pricing, which helped it address a wider audience,” said Jason Low in a press release from Canalys. “The Series 1’s lower entry price and Apple’s more focused fitness messaging made its Watch both more attainable and more relevant.”

While this is good news for Apple, Canalys doesn’t believe Apple will hold the lead for long…

“In the coming quarters, Samsung is expected to push shipments of its Gear S3 Classic and Frontier…Apple’s smartwatch lead will increasingly be challenged by the rebounding competition.”

Apple wasn’t the only company that saw record breaking numbers this past quarter, Xiaomi sold 5.5 million Mi Bands due to its marketing tactics. Behind Apple’s 49 percent of the market, FitBit came in second with 17 percent, Samsung came in third with 15 percent, and other smartwatch companies combined made up 19 percent of the market.

Source info: Canalys