Apple’s “iPhone X/ 8” Could Cost $1000 Plus


Apple will celebrate the iPhone’s 10th anniversary this year, the upcoming iPhone could have a high-end price starting at $1000.

Apple’s upcoming iPhone X, as some believe the name will be, will have a nice price tag attached to its name, the starting price is said to be a little over $1000. Some of the amenities that could be offered to compensate for the high-end cost are: it could be a few inches taller around 5.8-inches, other rumors state it could be smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus, around 5.1 to 5.2-inches, with edge to edge OLED display, a memory upgrade from the iPhone 7, a flexible panel to allow for the curved design, dual lens camera, 10nm A11 processor, wireless charging, Touch ID fingerprint sensor, FaceTime camera, and speakers embedded in the screen.

More rumors also state instead of Apple using aluminum, Apple could use stainless steel. The back is said to feature a glass layer, instead of using metal. Talk also states that the home button could be removed, and replaced with an Android style touch button located underneath the iPhone display area. Stay tune for more rumors, talks on the upcoming iPhone X , or it could be called the 10th anniversary iPhone 8.


Source: Appleinsider

  • DoeDoe

    The rumors are now getting ridiculous.