Apple Hires Former Amazon Fire TV Manager To Improve Content Deals

It looks like Apple has plans on improving its set-top box service by hiring in a former manager of Amazon Fire TV.

Reports are stating that Apple has hired Amazon Fire TV manager Timothy Twerdahl to be in charge of the Apple TV set-top line. Twerdahl, has previously worked for company such as Netflix and Roku, before joining Amazon. Apple’s previous Apple TV marking chief, Pete Distad, now has a role negotiating deals for TV content alongside Eddy Cue.

Apple last updated the Apple TV back in fall 2015, so it’s time for the set-top box to be upgraded in order for it to compete with the other major streaming devices.

Some people believe Apple will now have more opportunities to release original content or new-released movies by adding a subscription bundle with the purchase of a new iPhone, the bundle would include an “Apple Movies subscription” and other services to help boost revenues.

Whatever the company plans are, we’ll see if Apple can have a successful impact in the television industry with Twerdahl now on its team.

Source info: Bloomberg, Barron’s

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