iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode Video Ads

Apple released its first two promotional video ads showing the effects of Portrait Mode on the iPhone 7 Plus. The first video is titled Soulmate, and the second video is called Creek.

With the update of iOS 10.1 which allows iPhone 7 Plus users to take DSLR-like photos right on the users iPhone 7 Plus, giving that signature blurry-background effect of the DSLR portrait.  The Portrait Mode effect allows users to take full advantage of the 7 Plus 12-megapixel dual lens camera by creating a more in-depth sense of the portrait being created.

Apple has created two short 15 second ad videos to promote the effectiveness of using the Portrait Mode on the iPhone 7 Plus, the first video titled – Soulmate which illustrates the difference between a photo of a pet dog. In one of the photos of the dog, Portrait Mode is not used and in the second photo, Portrait Mode is used. The effect of Portrait Mode has a distinct effect in one photo.

The second ad video titled – Creek, illustrates the same effect as above, this time using a person in the photo. The photo shows a child in a creek, one photo without Portrait Mode, and the effect of using Portrait Mode in the second photo demonstrates the distinct effect of using Portrait Mode.

You can check out Apple’s latest ads by clicking on the videos above.

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