New Seed De Flicker App For Your iPhone & iPad

Have you ever noticed when shooting a slow motion video indoors that it sometimes comes out kind of flickery due to bad lighting? Well, with the new Seed De Flicker app, you’ll be able to shoot any type of slow motion videos that you want, with the perfect lighting.

Basically all users have to do is shoot their video that they want on their iPhone, open the app, and then select the video that they want to remove the flicker from. This will help your slow motion videos to be a lot clearer and vivider when watching them; since each frame in the video will be more brighter and consistent with its lighting.

But not only that, users can also share their slow motion videos with their friends or family as well, and can share it on any kind of social media that they have; such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, all in a snap. This app would be great for anyone who often shares slow motion videos of themselves playing indoor sports like basketball, hockey or volleyball, since it was designed to help motion in videos that has constant light changes.

If you’re interested in downloading the new Seed De Flicker app, then you can download it at the App Store where it’s currently going for $4.99 for any of your iPhones or iPads with a iOS 9.0 or later.

Source info: App Store, Phone Arena