Apple Stores Place Hold On Selling The LG Ultra Fine 5K Display Monitors

Apple Stores have put a hold on selling the LG Ultra Fine 5K Display monitors because of Wi-Fi interference with the monitor.

Reports are stating that the LG Ultra Fine 5K Display monitors are having a problem when station at least six feet from a Wi-Fi router. The connection issues are caused by interference which causes continuous disconnection and freezing up problems. The company LG is aware of this issue and states that the problem stems from “poor shielding”, to resolve this issue LG will retrofit existing display monitors with additional shielding, and future display monitors will not have this issue.

Shipment for the LG Ultra Fine 5K Display has been delayed up to 5 to 6 weeks, it is believed enough time for the retrofit and future displays to have adequate time space for making proper adjustments and delivery time in order for Apple to resume sales. The LG 5K Display is currently on sale for $974 until March 31st, afterwards the price will be $1299.

Source: 9to5mac, appleinsider