Patent For Apple Watch “Connector-Free Magnetic Charger/Winder”

Apple filed a patent for the Apple Watch with the potential of applying a rotational magnetic field to move an electric generator in a portable device.

The recent patent filed by Apple at the US Patent and Trademark Office, is titled “Connector-Free Magnetic Charger/Winder”. The patent describes a device charging mechanism for generating electricity through winding, same concept as winding the traditional wristwatch. The patent also describes a method of using the electrical mechanism as a charging system that could apply a rotational magnetic field which would move an electric generator in a device, resulting in having electricity stored in a battery cell to enable a longer battery life on the Apple Watch and other devices such as the iPhone, and iPad.

Apple credits John J. Baker and Fletcher R. Rothkopf for this invention, this concept would work as an asset for Apple devices in battery longevity for the long run in the future. Hopefully, this patent will be put into productivity in the following years.

Source: appleinsider                                                                                                                                                          Photo Credit: Patently Apple