New P9 Signature Headphones For Your Apple Devices

The new P9 Signature headphones are crafted with high quality Italian saffiano leather, a comfortable de-coupled headband and advanced technology; giving you the best performance and the most clearest listening experience.

The earpieces and headband are attached by a special floating hinge that is designed to reduce vibrations and distortion when listening to music, while the drivers in the earpieces are angled slightly inwards to make sure that every last note is beamed directly into your ear canal.

Now these particular headphones do not have a noise-cancelling feature, but since they have an over-ear design that goes over your ears, they do a pretty good job blocking out background noise, and keeping the music very clear and precise. And on top of that, these headphones also come with a detachable cord that users can easily unattach from the headphones, as well as comes with a carrying case included with it, which is ideal for traveling or taking with you whenever you go.

If you would like to learn more about the P9 Signature headphones or would like to purchase them, then you can head on over to Bowers & Wilkins, where they’re currently selling them for $899.99 for your iPhone, iPad, iPod or laptop.

Source info: Bowers & Wilkins, Macworld UK

  • WendyWilson

    Very beautiful and stylish headphones, I think the sound in them is also quite good.