Why Is Target Returning iPhone SE Stock Back To Apple?

The U.S. Target Stores are said to have recently received a company memo stating that all Apple iPhone SE should be returned back to the Apple Company.

A recent rumor has it that Apple may have requested to have the iPhone SE pulled from the Target shelves because Apple just might make some tweaks on the hardware. Talk has it that sales last year  were not that great with the iPhone SE.

Apple debuted the 4-inch iPhone SE back in March 2016, with the cost starting at $399, it also came in two storage options:¬†16GB and 64GB, and four colors. The iPhone SE was said to be Apple’s affordable handset, but as stated above, sales didn’t seem that promising for the 2016 iPhone SE throughout the course of the year. Not sure if the size or the hardware of this iPhone had something to do with sales. Since March is the month that Apple hosts its March Event, talk has it that Apple just might refresh the iPhone SE by upgrading the Gigabytes from 16GB and 64GB,to 32GB and 128GB, and reintroduce a more enhanced 2017 iPhone SE, but according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, he states that Apple is unlikely to give the iPhone SE a refresh update in the first half of this year. As rumors and talks continue on the iPhone SE, stay tune for further updates on this handset.

Source: macrumors.com

  • spydie

    “Apple just might make some (sic) tweets on the hardware.” How do they make “tweets” on the hardware?