How To Backup Your iPhone Before Upgrading To The Next iOS

There’s a high chance Apple will be rolling out its new iOS 10.3 update by the end of March, and will likely come out with a new batch of features for the iPhone.

However, before you upgrade, it’s a good idea to make sure you’ve got a full backup of all of your files, photos and documents, just in case something goes wrong and you end up loosing all of your stuff on your device.

So here’s how to backup everything before you upgrade:

Step 1: First you’re going to want to connect your iPhone to your computer through a USB sync cable.

Step 2: Now depending on your previous setup, this may launch iTunes and start the syncing process automatically, which includes making a backup. However, if your iPhone isn’t set to auto-sync, continue on to step 3.

Step 3: If you see a Trust This Computer message, go ahead and agree to it and then click the phone icon (near the upper-left corner) to bring up the summary screen for your iPhone. Then, in the backup section, click the Back Up Now button, and after about 30 seconds or so, you should be finished with the process.

Just remember to enable the encryption for your backup, which basically remembers things like your passwords, WiFi networks, apps, web sites as well as any HomeKit data you may have on your phone, which are very important things you should keep on your device. So just make sure to click the box next to Encrypt iPhone backup, before hitting step 3, so everything can be backed up properly before you upgrade to the next iOS.

Source info: Cnet