Apple Announces Two More R&D Centers In China

The Cupertino company has revealed that it has plans to open two additional research centers in China to help boost investments in what is considered one of the most important markets in the world.

According to a new statement, Apple will build research facilities in the cities of Shanghai and Suzhou. The news comes months after Apple announced it would open two centers in Beijing and Shenzhen. The company is said to spend around 3.5 million yuan ($507 million) on its research facilities.

In the statement, Apple will open all four of its centers sometime later this year. The center will allow Apple to cooperate with local partners and develop technical experts in the Apple supply chain and graduates from universities. Apple has partnered with several universities to offer internships to help the next wave of entrepreneurs.

Bloomberg has highlighted that the announcement was made at a time when Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is expected to speak at an economic forum in Beijing over the weekend.

As of now, China manufactures almost all of Apple’s hardware and is Apple’s largest overseas market. Building new research and developing centers in Chain will shrink the gap between research and production, so it makes sense why Apple is making this investment.