Apple Plans To Add Over 100 Reseller Stores In India

Apple plans to establish over 100 small stores in India, these small stores are known as Apple Authorised Resellers.

Apple wants to expand and develop its business throughout India, its purpose is to cater to the vast community of consumers who are already using Samsung and other rivaling Chinese handsets. These companies have already established themselves throughout India giving them a heads up of being top-tier over Apple. ¬†Apple’s objective is to set-up as many authorized¬†small reseller stores in busy locations in large cities, neighborhood localities, as well as in tier II and III markets. Some of the regions Apple and its trade partners have already targeted are New Delhi, the National Capital Region, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, and Chandigarh.

Apple has set-up a network with existing customers and has partnered with other companies who are already established throughout India. This method should help make it easy for Apple to establish multiple authorized small reseller stores throughout India. Each reseller store will be no larger than 450-500 square feet in size and will be known as Apple Authorized resellers.