Apple Plans To Relaunch Selling The iPhone In Indonesia

New reports state that Apple will once again start back with sales for the iPhone in Indonesia starting March 31st.

Due to new government regulations back in 2015, sales were halted because Apple did not meet the new local requirements. Since then, Apple has been working with government officials to meet all new requirements in Indonesia. One of the requirements the government asked of Apple was a 30% requirement over the next 3 years, Apple has invested over $44 million and has plans to build a local research & development center in Jakarta, which is the capital of Indonesia.

Before the government set-up its new requirements, Apple’s sales were quite strong in Indonesia back in 2014, the company had built up a strong fan base because Indonesia is the world’s fourth largest populated country, having over 200 million people. This is one of the reasons why Apple decided to relaunch selling iPhones in Indonesia. As of March 31st, Apple will begin selling the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, and the iPhone 6s Plus through six retail stores across major cities in Indonesia.