Apple Releases New Leather Cases For The iPhone SE & 7

Apple has just come out with three new cases for the iPhone SE and 7/7 Plus on their official website, which are three new European leather cases that come in several different colors.

Both the iPhone 7/7 Plus and SE cases come with specially tanned leather that feels soft to the touch, and easy to handle, and even develops a natural patina over time. The inside of the case has a microfiber lining that helps protect your iPhone just in case it ever drops or gets hit on the back, which helps prevent it from getting damaged or possibly breaking.

Now the leather cases are a bit more expensive since they are priced at $45-$49 for the iPhone 7 /7 Plus and $39 for the iPhone SE, but you do have to consider that it’s made out of real leather and not faux leather, which will make a big difference in its price. Another thing to take into consideration, is that these cases are supposed to also hold up for a very long time, as well as fits and forms to the phone more than the average case that’s on the market.

If you would like to learn more information or purchase the new cases for the iPhone SE and 7/7 Plus, then you can check out their official website where they are selling them in a wide range of different colors like taupe, berry, midnight blue, black, saddle brown and many more.

Source info: Apple, Value Walk