Secret iOS 6.0.1 Feature Uncovered


New controls have appeared for music enthusiasts who want to be able to control what they play from anywhere in their OS. The new Lockscreen feature in iOS 6.01 enables users to control music while not necessarily in the music app.

A reader from iDownload Blog the change. This should make it a heck of a lot easier for people to take and maintain control of their music while listening to their favorite tunes and multi-tasking on their iPhone.

Have you used the new Lockscreen and what do you think of it?

  • Tony

    I have updated and have the iPhone 4 and do not see the new controls, same old lock screen controls for me

  • Tony

    Sorry realized this update is for iOS 6.1 and not 6.0.1 like you are stating in the title. May want to delete this.

  • Foster

    It was on my phone from the time I received on release day. Nothing new to me.

  • nirvanamadliz

    Mine won’t work at all now. Thanks apple

    • jr

      me too, what the fuck is this?

  • Gboy

    Works on my 4s, need hit to home button twice!

  • Shraka

    I had this when my iPod had iOS 6.0

  • Carly

    This was on iOS 4. Just double click the home button…

  • Parthasarathy

    One question what is the new icon which appears next to the volume slider? i cant able to explore.. any idea?

    • iFriend

      That is the icon of AirPlay, search on net for more details!!!

  • 1235

    Your stupid

    • Nudo

      “you’re” stupid

  • Nudo

    I’ve had this feature for a long time, oh wait, sorry, that’s on my Android.

  • Mike

    This has been around since iOS 4. Double click the home button and it pops up on the top of your lockscreen. This post is therefore, irrelevant and should be removed.