Apple Signs Two-Year Contract With Samsung For OLED iPhone Panels

Reports state that Apple has ordered up to 70 million curved OLED panels for the upcoming high-end iPhone 8, Samsung is named as its main supplier.

The latest talk regarding the upcoming iPhone 8 in 2017, is Apple will be using the OLED panels supplied by Samsung. Rumors also state that Samsung has converted one of its LCD factories in Asia into an OLED panel plant to meet the demands and supply for Apple. The contract is reported that Samsung will ship at least 70 to 92 million small-sized OLED panels to Apple for its iPhone.

The South Korean based company is said that its productions for the entire year of 2017 could reach 10 trillion. Reports also state that Apple has partnered with the Taiwan-based Yuanta Securities Investment Consulting company to produce the iPhone handset, the company plans to ship an estimated 100 million iPhone units in 2017, with at least 55 million of the iPhone units expected to feature OLED panels.