Apple Drops To 5th Position In LapTop Survey

In a recent laptop survey, Apple scored lower against its counterparts when it came to factors in value points and a variety of choices to choose from in its laptop arena.

According to reports, Apple held the top spot for no 1 in the laptop category for years, but recently that top image of the best laptop has declined. Two factors play a key role in why Apple has slipped from its throne, one reason has to do with price point, when it comes to the dollar, Apple normally charges more compared to its counterparts who hover around a more affordable consumer price point. Another key factor for Apple lagging behind its counterparts has to do with a variety of options in laptops. Consumers like a variety to choose from, Apple lags in this sector, according to the survey.

Based off of the survey, Apple scored 78 out of 100 points, once again, the reason was based on the cost point and only offering a limited selection of laptops to choose from compared to its counterparts. Plus Apple hasn’t exactly refreshed its MacBook Air in over two years, another score dropper against Apple has to do with the USB Type-C, and the lack of port options; users usually need a handful of dongles to get the job done.

On a good note, Apple scored high when it came to quality tech support, and warranty service, but compared to the top winner, Lenovo took the number one spot as far as the overall best laptop, followed by Asus, Dell, and HP. Acer tied with Apple for fifth place.