Apple’s iPhone 5 & 5C May Lose Support With iOS 10.3.2 Update

A couple of days ago Apple seeded out the second beta of iOS 10.3.2 to developers and the first beta of iOS 10.3.2 to public beta testers.

The new update is said to be minor and mainly focuses on bug fixes, security enhancements, and performance improvements. In Apple’s release notes, the update includes fixes for SiriKit car commands, and third-party VIP apps.

However, it appears that Apple has decided to end all support for 32-bit devices with this update which means iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C users will be faced with a problem. It’s estimated that 43.7 million people are using these iPhone models meaning they won’t be able to update further than iOS 10.3.1 or they will have to replace their device in order to run a newer iOS version since the new update will only deliver support for 64-bit iOS devices.

Even though Apple has been slowly trying to remove all 32-bit apps from its App Store, this is unusual for the company since it normally ends support for mid-cycle models when larger iOS updates are released in September. Apple has been known for supporting its devices for a long time compared to it competitors such as Google who only promises two years of software support for its Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. The iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C were released back in September 2013 and have been supported up to this point.

Many people believe that will continue to support these models until iOS 11. According to a report by Forbes, Apple is currently looking into this issue…

“Apple has asked for time to look into this and discover why older iPhones have been excluded from the release. In the mean time reports are emerging that iOS 10.3.2 betas are now being rolled out to the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C.”

Will see if Apple decides to continue to add support for these devices when the final version of iOS 10.3.2 is released to the general public.

Source info: Forbes, iPhonearena