New GripTight ONE Micro Stand For The iPhone SE-7 Plus

The new GripTight ONE Micro Stand, is a super compact, foldable phone stand that is great for taking or viewing pictures/videos with, since you can bring it with you just about anywhere you go.

This stand was not only made to be portable, but it was also made to be universal with a wide range of different small or big smartphones, such as the: iPhone SE- 7 Plus, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, plus more.

And since it comes with foldable legs and stabilized grips at the bottom of its feet, you’re able to bring it on many different types of terrains and surfaces, due to its ability of securely sticking to anywhere you put it. This is great for anybody who travels a lot, since you can easily put it inside of your pocket or bag, and place it just about anywhere you want for a quick photo or video.

The new GripTight One Micro Stand is currently available at, where you can purchase it for $39.95 in a color choice of black or white. For more information about this particular product, you can simply click on the link for more details.

Source info: Joby