Coyote Case Can Protect Your iPhone

A new device has found its way to IndieGoGo, prompting for iPhone users to make good, secure use of their iPhones by putting them in something called the Coyote Case. If your iPhone gets stolen the case will let out a high-pitched siren to alert everyone that your iPhone has been hijacked.

According to CNET, the device will carry over a 100-decibel siren alarm to thwart would-be thieves from getting too far with your iPhone handset. What’s more is that the case will come with an accompanying app that sends out a GPS signal to those on your emergency call list, which is actually pretty cool.

The device currently has just under a month to go and is looking to secure at least $120,000 in funding. As of the writing of this article, the device only has $2,688 in total funding. Ouch.

The Coyote Case comes in a number of different flavorful colors and you can learn more about the anti-theft device by visiting the official IndieGoGo page.