Apple Observes Earth Day In Its Apple Store & App Store

April 22nd is the official day to observe Earth Day, but Apple has already started demonstrating support for Earth Day in its Apple Stores worldwide.

To show support for the upcoming annual celebration of Earth Day on Saturday, April 22nd, Apple has already started this week by showing support in demonstrating environmental awareness and conservation efforts in its stores.

Starting early this week Apple has changed the Apple logo on the outside entrance of its stores to a white apple and the leaf portion to green. Apple also decided to make the transition from using white plastic bags to a more eco-friendly paper bag which will be made out of 80% recycled materials, this way the company will practice more conservation effort, the company also decided instead of including bags with purchased products, Apple will leave the option open if the customer requests a bag.

Another way Apple started early observance of Earth Day this week was by replacing its iconic blue shirts with green shirts with the Apple logo on the front. Apple has also included the App Store in observing Earth Day, app developers will donate 100% of select in-app purchases to the World Wildlife Fund.