How To Find Out Your iPhone’s Battery Level On Your Mac

If your iPhone is rarely in reach when you’re on the computer and always seems to be left in another room, then you might be interested in the method of checking your iPhone on your Mac.

And if you’re specifically worried about your iPhone’s battery dying or getting too low when you’re on the computer, then this method would really work for you since you can easily check its status without even having to get up from your computer.

So here’s how to do it:

1. First you’re going to hold down the Option Key and click the Wi-Fi icon in your Mac’s menu bar

2. Then you’re going to wait a little bit before your iPhone shows up in the Personal Hotspot section.

3. Once it pops up, you should be able to see a general level of your iPhone, along with its LTE bars.

4. Next you’re going to hover your mouse over the right side of the menu bar, and it should give you the exact amount of battery percentage that’s left.

And when you’re done, you can just close out the Menu Bar and continue what you were doing, or check up on your iPhone and charge it with you. But whatever your decision is, now you can see exactly how much your smartphone battery level is, all on your Mac computer.

Source: Cnet