Non-Apple Devices Can Now Stream To Apple TV

Thanks to DoubleTwist latest update, Android devices can now restore audio streaming over AirPlay to Apple TV.

When Apple did its latest update to tvOS 10.2 it broke AirPlay streaming for third-party users, which required hardware verification. Apple’s tvOS 10.2 and later is basically restricted to Apple apps and its devices, but the group at DoubleTwist have found a way to work around these restrictions and have restored audio streaming over AirPlay to Apple TV.

It seems the team at DoubleTwist Pro and CloudPlayer have both included the updated AirPlay, the only thing required for non-Apple users is an AirPlay code, which must match up with the target Apple TV. DoubleTwist Pro has two versions available, the free version, which also allows the new workaround, and the $7.99 version which is available on the Play Store. The updated version allows users to get FLAC files from their Android devices to use on their Apple TV.