iPhone 4S Encounters Major iOS Problem

Even though the iOS 6.0.1 has been making waves in the mobile sphere, not every device is can make full use of all the iOS 6 features, especially the Wi-Fi option.

According to ZDNet, the iPhone 4S has run into a bit of a problem where the Wi-Fi option is completely grayed out and makes Wi-Fi unavailable for many iOS 6.0.1 users.

Even though majority of the complaints are coming from iPhone 4S users, the problem isn’t limited to iPhone’s 4 series handsets. The problem has also persisted for other iOS 6 users on other iDevices as well. As usual, the common solution from Apple has been to reboot and retry.

  • lary

    i’m using iphone 4s and did not getany problems

  • Garrett

    My iPhone 5 has been having problems with this. I am the only one in my house with a 5 but all of the other iPhones stay connected to wifi and mine only connects unless I go to settings>wifi. Even then it only stays connected for about 5 minutes. This happens on my wifi at school and my friends house as well. Apple is no help to me when I went in to visit.

  • http://twitter.com/djmobil2 djmobil2

    I’ll keep my untethered jailbroken 4S with iOS 5.1.1 for a while