Protect Your Apple AirPods With Qladcase’s Compact Case

If you’re one to always use and take your earphones just about anywhere you go; then you might be interested in Qladcase new compact and convenient case for the Apple AirPods, that’s great for storing and traveling with.

Qladcase’s cases are not only really small to take wherever you go; but it’s also good for protecting your earbuds as well, since it’s made out of a hard shell and soft woven exterior, to cushion and shield it for if it ever falls.

The case also comes with a very high quality custom zipper that remains hidden when you close it, to ensure that the pods don’t get tossed around, tangled up or spills leak through; since it seals and holds everything very tight and compact. And due to the case having one little external storage pocket in it as well, it’s easy for you to just roll up either a lightning adapter, memory card or eartips with the AirPods, without having to worry about packing up another accessory in a separate case.

If you’re interested in purchasing or learning more about Qladcase’s case for the AirPods, then you can check it out at, where it’s currently going for $9.99 in a color choice of army green/orange or fuchsia pink.

Source: Amazon, BGR