Apple’s First Singapore Store Will Debut Soon

Apple partially unveiled the long-awaited first Apple Store in Singapore. The three large red icons displayed on the storefront represents – Apple, Love, Singapore.

Back in 2015, the talk was Apple was planning to bring an Apple Store to Singapore, it seems for whatever reasons, there was a long delay in producing this long-awaited store. As of May 3rd, the barricades were finally removed at the Knightbridge Mall on Orchard Road.

The three large red icons on the front of the storefront cover the tall glass entrance to the store for now, each icon has a symbolic meaning, of course, the apple icon symbolizes Apple, the heart icon, symbolizes – Love, and the red dot symbolizes – Singapore. Which means altogether, Apple loves Singapore. There are also 12 smaller icons which represent upcoming educational sessions for local photographers, filmmakers, musicians, illustrators, developers, and entrepreneurs to be held at this location. At this time no specific date has been set for the opening date, rumor has it that the store opening could be on May 22nd. As further updates are disclosed, more information will be published.