Xbox SmartGlass Updated For iOS

SmartGlass is Microsoft’s new magic missile for connecting the bridge between their Xbox console and mobile users. The company wisely updated the service for iPhone users with a stealthy new patch.

According to CNET, SmartGlass now supports nifty new functions such as being able to check in on your Xbox Live account, see what your friends are up to, check out your game collection, check out your friend’s game collection, spot your achievements or even browse the web.

The app works in tandem with the actual Xbox 360 console, so you can use the app to find things, modify things or even customize your Live Avatar.

CNET also reports that the SmartGlass will eventually enable developers to make playable games and interactive outlets available via the actual SmartGlass hub. You can pick up the app for your iPhone or iPad right now for free from the App Store.