Expect To Pay $1000 Or More For The iPhone 8


As the release date gets closer for the upcoming iPhone 8, more talk about the price is starting to surface. Many believe the base cost will start at $1,000 and up.

As many already know the rumors and talks regarding the iPhone 8 are growing steady and one conversation that continues to grow has to do with the price of the latest upcoming iPhone. Before talking cost, let’s look at the components that are supposedly involved that could drive up the cost.

The specifications that are rumored for the iPhone 8 are: an edge-to-edge display, this new design should display an all-glass construction with OLED, a bigger screen, and a size a bit larger than the iPhone 7 Plus, measuring at 5.8 inches. It’s said to come with 128GB of storage as well as a 256GB model which of course will help explain the bump in the extra cost, 3D sensing, better and faster NAND/DRAM memory, and an A11 processor. Rumor has it that one of the new design features will be no home button, rear-facing Touch ID sensor, iOS 11 with advanced Siri functionality, face-scanning technology, and vertical dual cameras on the rear.

It seems some of these added or enhanced features mentioned could contribute to the cost of the iPhone 8 starting off in the thousands. Stay tuned for more updates on rumors and talks as more information becomes available on the iPhone 8.

Source: theinquirer.net, bgr.com

  • Paladin

    “It’s said to come with 128GB of storage as well as a 256GB model which of course will help explain the bump in the extra cost,” The iphone 7/7+ came with 128 for the same price as last year’s 64gb, so that won’t add to the cost, and most of the things you list won’t add to the cost in any measurable way (apple repeatably adds a bunch of that cheap stuff each year without raising the cost.) iOS 11 wont’ increase the cost. Vertical cameras won’t increase the cost. No home button won’t increase the cost. Rear facing touch ID sensor won’t increase the cost (you’ve got to put it someplace on the phone. It costs no more to put it on the back than on the front). At $1000 each they won’t sell very many except to a few die-hard, gotta-have, monied dorks. I think the price will be at least $100 more, but beyond that, they are taking the risk of not selling many, and that may be their plan if the rumor has it that iphone 8 will be in very limited supply. It may be a planned “collectors” edition that they will be using for a test bed for 2018 and then both of their top phones will have the same thing the iphone 8 has this year, but at the old standard price. Mark my words, they aren’t going to let new technology die by over-pricing it. The next year it will all be on all their phones for a lot less money.

  • http://www.city-meeting.com/ WendyWilson

    I consider this price to be unreasonably high.