Top iPhone Games Could Make $199,000 a Day

Curious how much money flows through the app store on a day-to-day basis for the top selling games for the iPhone and iPad? Well, one industry veteran decided to take a crack at the numbers and it’s interesting what he comes up with.

Inside Social Games has a guest post from co-founder of Quarter Spiral , Ethan Levy, who takes a crack at the math involving the day-to-day sales of top selling iOS games. We know they make a lot of money, but just how much money?

There’s a lot of math involved that I’m not going to bother trying to pretend to decipher for the audience at large, but Escapist Magazine does a fine job of simplifying everything down to the basics, with Levy mostly prescribing top iPhone apps making up to $199,000 a day and top iPad games making a potential $55,000 a day.

Given that Apple doesn’t release the sales figures of the apps it’s not a far off estimate, but until we get hard facts that’s all the numbers are…an estimate.