Apple Will Begin Selling iPhones In India This Month

It’s officially begun, Apple has started the production process on its iPhone in India and will begin selling the device within the next two weeks.

Apple released a statement to CNNMoney confirming that the iPhone SE will be the first iPhone produced in a “small number” at its Bangalore plant in India and sold within the next couple of weeks. Running the Bangalore plant is the Taiwanese contractor Wistron.

Apple has been trying hard to locally make iPhones in India to cut down on the extremely high import duties. Even though Apple is already selling a variety of products in India, these import duties are making the cost of the devices much higher. However, by making some of its devices within the country, Apple will be able to sell its devices at a more reasonable price.

India is a fast growing market that is expected to overtake the U.S. in becoming the world’s second largest smartphone market this year. So far, Samsung is currently dominating the Indian market while Oppo and Vivo are constantly increasing in popularity.

There’s no word official when Apple will start the production of the iPhone 6 or if the company will open its first Apple Store but it’s a huge accomplishment for Apple to begin selling the iPhone SE considering the long journey the company has had trying to manufacture its devices in India.

Source info: WSJ